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Community Housing Programs

Saratoga County Rental Assistance Program (SCRAP)

VCHC administers the Saratoga County Rental Assistance Program (SCRAP) the purpose of the Saratoga County Rental Assistance Program (RAP) is to provide tenant-based rental assistance to 26 homeless individuals with disabilities and their families in Saratoga County.

These disabilities include mental illness, chronic substance abuse problems, and/or HIV/AIDS, Developmental Disability or Physical Disability that is expected to be long-term and continued duration and sustainability impedes a person’s ability to live independently.

To Qualify for this program

To qualify for this program, the individual or family must be income eligible and met the Housing and Urban Developments HUD definition of homelessness which requires meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Living on a Street/or in a Place Not Meant For Human Habitation
  • Living in Emergency Housing/Emergency Shelter
  • Living in Transitional Housing Specifically for Homeless People
  • Being Discharged from an Institution – 90 days or under
  • Fleeing Domestic Violence with no other housing options

(New HUD definitions revised with 2012 PY, 4/1/12)
VCHC is committed to fostering equal housing opportunity's and does not disciminate on the basis of creed, color, age, religion, sex (gender), disability, familiar status, or national origin.

Applicant Responsibility

Applicants must demonstrate that they will be able to benefit from permanent supportive housing and that they have sufficiently resolved crises related to mental health problems, substance abuse relapse and/or medical challenges so that they are able to live in a community setting.
Referrals to the program must be made through a supportive service provider who agrees to assume the role of working with the participant to develop and comply with a supportive services agreement.

The following agencies have agreed to serve in this capacity:

  • Alliance for Positive Health
  • Capital Region Homeless Management Information System
  • CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services
  • Capital District Developmental Disabilities Services
  • Capital District Psychiatric Center
  • Community Health Services
  • Conifer Park
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Program of Mechanicville
  • Four Winds Hospital
  • Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York
  • Northeast Parent and Child Society
  • Parson’s Home & Community Based Services Waiver
  • Reflections PROSE
  • Saratoga County Substance Abuse & Alcohol Services
  • Saratoga County Department of Social Services
  • Saratoga County Office of Mental Health
  • Saratoga County Outcare Worker
  • Saratoga County Probation Office
  • Saratoga County Treatment Court
  • Saratoga Hospital Mental Health Unit
  • Saratoga Springs Community Development
  • Saratoga Supreme & County Courts
  • Shelters of Saratoga, Inc.
  • St. Peter’ Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC)
  • Transitional Services Association, Inc.
  • Unlimited Potential (UP)
  • Wellsprings