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Our History

Veterans & Community Housing Coalition (VCHC) was incorporated in 1983. In response to the increasing number of homeless Veterans, Vet House was opened. With funding from the Veterans Administration, Vet House is a fourteen bed transitional home for homeless Veterans.

Recognizing the need for permanent housing for homeless Veterans, in 1990 with funding from HUD, eight units of affordable housing were developed in the town of Wilton for homeless Veterans. In 1998, with funding from NYS HCR four additional units were added. These new units were built to accommodate homeless Veterans with Families. Funding is also received through NYSSHP to provide case management services to the Veterans.

VCHC purchased a two family home in Ballston Spa to provide housing to homeless Veterans with disabilities and their families. The program is funded by HUD through the Continuum of Care (COC).

In 2011 in response to the number of homeless female Veterans increasing, VCHC purchased a home in Ballston Spa. Funded on a per diem basis by the VA there are currently five beds to accommodate homeless female Veterans. Guardian House is a transitional housing program. Funding is also received though NYSSHP to provide staff support to the Veterans.

In 2012 VCHC was awarded the Support Services for Veterans & Families (SSVF) from the VA. This program is designed to ensure Veterans remain stably housed. Serving Veterans in Saratoga, Warren, Washington, Fulton, Montgomery, Schoharie and Schenectady Counties, this unique program offers support and temporary financial assistance to veterans and their families. The program assists veterans with families obtain or sustain housing, VA benefits, health care, employment, and public benefits.

In 2016, VCHC recognized a lack of affordable decent housing for veterans in Saratoga County. In response VCHC, with funding from HUD, Saratoga Veterans Apartment Program (SVAP) was formed. This program provides 16 apartments scattered throughout Saratoga County for low income, disabled veterans and their families. These veterans are provided rent free permanent stable decent housing with the support services needed to maintain their housing.

VCHC is the property manager for the Allen Drive Apartments located in Saratoga Springs, NY. These forty units are owned by the Saratoga Affordable Housing Group (SAHG) and under the auspices of NYS HCR. The units are for low to moderate income levels.

VCHC partners with the Stratton VA to assist Veterans in need of housing assistance and case management services.

Homeless veterans receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, when available, from HUD that is coupled with case management and clinical services provided by the VA. Eligible individuals and veterans are identified by VA.

As you can see, VCHC has a long, successful history of providing housing and support services to the population of homeless Veterans.